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How to rank high in the SERP
Chris Astuccio
Marketing On Page

SERP is typically known as Search Engine Results Page, I prefer to use it to mean Search Engine Ranking Position.What is the difference? Well whether you rank on page 1,2,3,4 etc is not as informative because there are between 10- 20 positions per page compared to what number you are in the ranking1-100 100 could be page 5. Knowing what position you are in allows you to get a more in depth look as you sky rocket up, or tumble down. So when I refer to SERP I am referring to the actual numerical position in the results not just the page.
As always the first thing to consider is keywords and your ability to rank well in the SERP for those keywords. So if your not targeting actual keywords then your ranking position means nothing. When Trying to find keywords its best to go to the largest source of information”Google” they have an adwords keyword tool that is free to use and allows you to see some very interesting information about the keywords. First thing you need to understand is the difference between the various "match types”. There is Broad Match, Exact Match,and Phrase Match. And they are selected on the left inside the keyword tool.

Simple Explanation of match types

Broad match, means all encompassing. When you are looking at the search volume for a keyword in broad match form, lets use (Buy Paracord Bracelets) as an example keyword. In the broad match it would count all keywords to do with buy, paracord, and bracelets, also synonyms and front and back tails. This is why it gives you the largest search volume.

[Exact Match] is the only matching state that you will see exactly how many times the entire keyword has been used as a whole period. This is truly the only way to find an actual keyword and estimate its traffic potential. So make sure you pay very close attention to this most important match type.

"Phase Match” will include the keyword with front and back tails, so buy bracelets would also be included etc..

For SEO purposes the only one of these match types we care about is [Exact Match]. Remember this is a google adwords tool and those other two match type options allow you too see the potential volume for your adwords campaigns. So when your SEO consultant tells you a keyword has 42million monthly searches chances are you need to find a new SEO consultant, and you can verify this by using the free tool to look for yourself using [exact match].

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