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The tools of the SEO trade can be overwhelming which tools are the best? Will any tool really give me everything I need? These are the question We are going to explore.
First set of tools you will want to acquire are free tools that will allow you to measure results of your websites SEO. We will start with some ranking tools which will allow see what google, alexa, compete, and moz think about your website. These tools are for the firefox browser, which is my preferred browser and I recommend everyone who uses Internet explorer to stop using it.

The next tool is also free its the google Keyword tool- this is the tool every single piece of 3rd part software uses to send you information except when using the api you only have access to the default settings, so rather then use a 3rd party tool to research your keywords just go to google and use it directlyyou can thank me later. I recommend doing as much research on how to use this tool properly as fast as possible. Once you have learned and understood the google keyword tool you will put yourself on a level above anyone who uses a 3rd part tool from any software.

Monitoring your SEO- This software is generally for SEO professionals and it allows us to monitor the various links that have been built, and where you rank for given keywords vs your competition this software ranges from companies offering monthly service payments and companies offering stand alone software, I prefer stand alone software personally. The software I use to monitor my clients SEO is Advanced web rankings. It costs quite a bit of money so if you dont have many clients to monitor then I would suggest just letting your SEO professional provide you with the various reports for your monitoring.

Any software that auto publishes items is considered black hat SEO and should be avoided at all costs, this includes software that searches and submits information for link building or reciprocal linking, blog posting etc... These methods have a high probability of getting your website banned from search engines. There are no short cuts, it takes a lot of work to not only find actual keywords, but also to determine the ability of your website to actually be able to rank well for them.

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