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This is the fundamentally the most important aspect of any websites hopes and dreams of being found online. How so you ask? Well your ability to rank online is directly related to your ability to locate keywords.

The definition of a keyword is very simple.
Keyword: A word or phrase that is searched for by many people.
Pretty basic right. Well then why do so many SEO campaigns fail? The reason is also quite simple everyone believes they can be an SEO guru because they can make a website rank for a specified word or phrase. But if that word or phrase your ranking for, no matter how relevant to your business or website is not actually searched for then your wasting your time, and likely money.

Finding keywords is an art form, often not understood because everyone just uses whatever tools out there tell them what a keyword is. It is important to understand that using 3rd party tools fundamentally undermines your seo effectiveness. The reason why is that all keyword tools really only connect to the google api, and it gives back the results with all the default settings, and as with almost anything the default settings are not what we are looking for. SEO requires a lot of effort and understanding, first the only tool you should be using to search for a keyword is the google keyword tool, it is free to use and gives you all the different options in order to make the tool actually work for you.
There are many tutorials on how to use the google keyword tool, provided by google themselves.

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