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This is two excerpts from the Ebook I wrote titled how to rank high in google SERP


SERP is typically know as Search Engine Results Page, I prefer to use it to mean Search Engine Ranking Position. What is the difference? Well whether you rank on page 1,2,3,4 etc is not as informative because there are between 10-20 positions per page compared to what number you are in the ranking1-100 100 could be page 5. Knowing what position you are in allows you to get a more in depth look as you sky rocket up, or tumble down. So when I refer to SERP I am referring to the actual numerical position in the results not just the page.


"After the Meta information has been implemented its time to turn our attention on the content "on page” meaning the text, images,videos etc... when trying to optimize the on page content its best to incorporate each keyword naturally, at least 3 times, preferably at the top and/or at the beginning of paragraphs, DO NOT STUFF KEYWORDS!!!!! It is very important that its both readable by search engines and humans after all the point to ranking high in the SERP is to drive humans to your content.
The most important page in your entire website is your "index””home” whatever page people arrive at when typing just your domain name. This is the launching platform for search engine bots to dive deep into your site and index(save) as much content as it can find. That is the magic phrase "that it can find” if the search engine doesn’t have a path to your content it wont find it. So inside the content on the front page we have to make sure we map ways for the search engines to find all your internal pages. "

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