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Before you go and jump into the deep end of the pool with all the sharks in the adwords world. It would be prudent to consult with Marketing On Page. Finding someone who knows what they are doing is a difficult task. Even just setting up the account structure properly is essential if you want to succeed in the online advertising market.

It used to be that whoever had the deepest pockets would rule the top of page ad rotation, but the search engines figured out that there are better ways to make the searcher happy, the advertiser happy, and the search engines happy, and that was using a quality rating.
Google sets a quality score for every keyword, and that score is based on many factors of which the most important ones are CTR click through rate, quality of ad, and quality of the landing page. You can set the maximum bid amount to a million dollars and still not have your ad show up, if the ad isn't written well and if the webpage its link to isn't relevant to the keyword then you will have to pay more if your ad even shows. Having a ppc campaign is not about set it and forget it, its about how can optimize everything even more, unless your getting 100% CTR you will always have work to do.

No business owner wants to waste money, that is where Marketing On Page comes in, when you work with us we make sure your ads are constantly being optimized, and your not wasting money due to poor keyword selection, we maximize your quality score which will minimize the amount you pay per click.    Contact us today to get started

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