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Why Social media wont play a big part of SERP     rss feed for SEO blog subscripe to my feed

As I go about my business of trying to help as many small businesses as I can through any means including social media outlets I find spammers. Now this has also been the case with link building at one time, because its very easy to create link farm networks. A link farm is allowing people to post irrelevant text links on pages.

It took the search engines a little bit of time to engineer the detection of these interconnected link farms, but once they did with the panda release you saw drastic drops across the board and website owners crying about being devalued because their website was linked into these link farm networks.

I do not believe there is a way for search engines to write something that will weed out the spam on the social networks just due to the sheer numbers involved. I monitor #seo #seotips on twitter and many other channels and when you see a wave of retweets, its really disappointing. The worst part is all that spam doesn't even take you to quality freaking content, what kind of meatball is going to pay to have ridiculous content retweeted, what does he think will happen?

I do believe that the search engines would be able to do something if they had better access to the social networks information, but the contract with google was never renewed by twitter over the summer of 2011, likely due to the soon to be released G+. But with very limited information about social outlets like facebook and twitter, and the amount of paid re-tweeters and frienders out there being so large, I dont see how any search engine can trust the information. This is the main reason I do not feel social and SERP will not intermingle well together

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