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One way link building

link building

In order to get some sort of return on your investment of creating a website, it is necessary to understand what it takes to make your website come up in the search engines. There are many factors in ranking organically, we will not touch on all of them, instead I will focus mainly on one way link building. One way link building is the art of finding relevant and relative, websites to put links back to your website using keywords. In order for that keyword to be relevant the landing page should be optimized for it, meaning the keyword is in the meta title-keywords-description and in the content. Otherwise it is a wasted link back. Having links with your domain name will also not help you rank organically, unless your name is a well known brand. Finding websites to link with is a job in itself. The best way I find to build quality relevant one way links back to your website is to write articles and publish them, you can also find blogs that have a relevant post referencing your landing page keyword to link back with, or forums when you register for forums put your keyword as the link in your signature and become a contributing member on that forum.
Article publishing is a very natural way of link building because the website your publishing it on will only accept it if its relevant to the niche they are focused on. Marketing On Page has access to thousands of article publishing websites to submit for inclusion. Each article should be between 300-500 words and should provide information that is original and offers readers something fresh. If you try to publish an article that is just blah blah blah link here blah blah blah keyword then no one will accept it. They want compelling relevant meaningful articles, written well.
Link building

Article writing is an art form in and of itself, and is easiest for the owner to do because they know their business the best. There are article writers that can cost from $3.00 to $500 per article depending on the quality your looking for. I would also recommend that whoever writes the article is from the same country so the language will be adequate, having a foreigner write English is funny, but would seem totally natural in his own country.

Finding relevant blogs to post links on is also a technique that requires some understanding of how to search for things inside google, I will publish a separate article for this, but know that it is possible to locate a place that will allow you to link back just by searching in google. Same goes for forum posting once you understand how to search using google you will be amazed at the information you find out.

So a one way link back is a keyword rich, text link, from another website into your website. There are many ways to accomplish this most import is that the linking content is relevant.

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