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Verified Listing

We check public records to verify your business listing information.

Your verified listing is the ground floor for Marketing On Page's local listing services, and you get a verified seal for use in your business profile, marketing materials, website, and email campaigns. Verified Listing is a featured service of our Basic, Premium, Professional, and Pro-Social packages.

There’s a wealth of information online. Unfortunately, not all of it is trustworthy. Wary consumers need to be reassured that the business information they are looking at online can be relied upon. When they receive an email from a business, consumers need to understand that the business is genuine. Online publishers, also, value information that comes directly from verified businesses.

Our Verified Listing service provides your business with the benefit of high-level identity verification, giving consumers and publishers confidence in your legitimacy. After your business passes through our verification profess, we syndicate your verified listing through major publication channels and use it as the basis for other services such as Quick Listing and Claimed Profiles. You earn a Verified seal for use in your business profile, on your website, in email correspondence, on your Facebook page, and wherever else you are managing your presence online.

With the help of our specialist verification partner Edentify, we employ multiple third-party verification methods, similar to the methods used by banks and other issuers of credit. Checks are made against professional databases and public record databases, including those of state and federal government agencies. If necessary, business data is verified directly with the business by an independent third-party representative.