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Keyword research services


This is where you can select the number of total relevant, and attainable keywords, most website will only need 10, but larger websites with internal pages that need deep link building done will need more.


Keyword Research  150.00  USD



Marketing On Page provides its clients with a list of keywords that have been researched and analyzed to determine the ability of the website to rank for that given keyword. Our goal is to target keywords that offer reasonable traffic, and are within the competitiveness the website has the ability to target. You will be provided in a spreadsheet the keyword, the amount of global monthly exact searches, the difficulty on a scale of 1-1000 to rank for that keyword(given your websites metrics), and the top 4 websites that currently rank for that keyword, along with their title tag, description, and page rank. With this information in hand you have the ability to select what keywords make the most sense to target and how much it may cost to achieve. We offer blocks of keywords 1-10 keywords, 10-20 keywords, 20-40 keywords.

The process goes as follows
Step1- Customer provides a website and or  keywords they feel best describes their needs or business
Step2- We find actual keywords that will generate quality traffic based on customers submission
Step3- We find, and analyze the keywords for competitiveness and provide you with a list of attainable keywords.
Step4- Customer is given the list of keywords with the competitive analysis
Step5- Optimize your website and begin building links with the selected keywords

The process of identifying actual keywords is an art form. It is often the failure point of all seo campaigns. Lets make sure its not yours.