Complete Online Marketing Solutions

These are some web design and online marketing clients


  • Hair Salon

  • Comedian

  • Martial Arts Training

  • Landscaping Company

  • restoration company

I was contacted by Noelle Salon, a high end hair salon, who was not satisfied with the performance or ROI. I analyzed the website and determined it was a complete failure based on zero organic traffic, ranking for zero keywords, driving in all traffic over PPC bleeding out money. I redesigned the website with user experience in mind, and getting quality content in the search engines. When designing and developing web sites its imperative to follow the "kiss rule" Keep It Simple Silly. Incorporating a blog and an ecommerce section, allowed the search engines to finally understand what the website was all about. Because i was able to identify actual keywords and optimize the website, it allowed this website to generate over 100,000 organic visitors in 1 year. Because this client was very interested in writing blogs, and took instructions on identifying actual keywords to target this website has been a complete success driving in on average 48 conversions/month over the last 36 months. If you own a hair salon and want your website to drive in conversions contact us today for a free analysis

I have a friend who is a very successful Comedian, but his website was doing absolutely nothing except allowing fans to visit, it drove in no conversions. With a successful redesign and implementation of blog and calendar, along with relevant content allowed this website to begin generating conversions, although there is no actual marketing budget, I do Market his skills on social networks, driving in 5 contacts for work in 2011, and 6 contacts so far in 2012. Although this could be substantially improved with an actual marketing budget. This website is considered a complete success offering job contacts where there were none previously. If you are in the entertainment business and need your website to generate leads contact us today.

This was a very large job for Fighting Arts Academy, it consisted of 3 web sites, one for each location and one keyword rich domain name, all 3 web sites have unique content, and all are on separate hosting companies, none of them are interlinked. There were 2 existing web sites which were completely redesigned integrating a blog, and one has an ecommerce store. Upon launch with optimized web sites for each of the schools, conversions have been flowing in like a river. One of the sites never received a contact before and since launch of 2 months they have had 40 conversions, the other school was receiving some contacts but it has been streamlined allowing for more contacts to be generated from the new fresh content being created. If you own a martial arts school or any fitness services contact us today to begin driving in conversions

Landscapes By Tom is a Construction Landscaping company. Tom has been my client for many years. He has a local small business in the Lakes Region New Hampshire. He does a lot of high end work and a lot of waterfront. Last year (2014), I drove in 50 contacts over the summer, resulting in new clients and work for years to come. This can be done for any local construction company, kitchen installers, flooring, electrical. If you want clients contacting you through your website the Contact me today

This was an existing website with some authority, had 5 pages in the search engines index, a poor user experience and no quality content. This client had been dealing with a company who outsourced everything and brought absolutely no results, except a smaller bank account. So the client was apprehensive to say the least. After launch of new website, with optimized content, the client has received 20 conversions in less then a month. This is a success and the client is very happy. If you own a construction company, or a home service company such as plumber, electrician, general contractor. We can deliver the same results contact us today