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Utilizing PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising can be an extremely versatile and offers a form of instant gratification. It is vitally important that you seek the guidance of a qualified PPC specialist, to set up and maintain your account. If you do not structure the account properly it will likely result in low quality scores, low conversions, high loss of money.

A few tips to think of when looking at your existing account to see if its set up properly

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1-Your account should not have any display ads running in the same campaigns as text ads. I prefer to set up separate campaigns specifically for the display network.

2-Your account should have many ad groups within each campaign

3-each ad group in your account should consist of at least 2 ads and a maximum of 10 keywords

4-Your ads should never be pointing to your home page.

5-Your website should have conversion tracking running

If you find that your account is not optimized. Contact us today, we turn loosing PPC campaigns into conversion machines. We also offer Consulting Services to give business owners the information they need to act on.