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Facebook Pages Link Broken(Video)     rss feed for SEO blog subscripe to my feed

If you advertise using facebook as i do I found that it was an incredible source of new customers for my client, using thier page and advertising using facebooks new advertising system. We had great success up till about 3 months ago when we noticed everything stayed the same except the conversions and contact coming in were significantly lower, I though the problem was the website but after extensive testing I could not find a problem with the website.

I noticed when i moused over the link on the facebook page it would show a massive link and if i then moused off of it and back on it would return to a normal link, i let facebook know, and have not heard anything back so I figured i would post a video to help other people who advertise with facebook understand what is happening. This is only a problem when you do not link to the home page. If you do link to the home page it will be fine. This is strictly linking to a landing page that is not the home page.

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