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Marketing On Page is a Small business focused on creating quality web sites for businesses, that are easy for users to navigate and come up in relevant searched keywords. which drives in quality traffic ending in ROI. Our SEO techniques are completely white hat, we understand what the search engines want to see in a website in order to put you ahead of you competition. We focus on multi modal online marketing, and are specialist at local SEO.

When you Contact us, we take the time to explain all your options, why those options are best and what you can expect for results. Our goal is not to be the most expensive web design company, we want to be the most effective.

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Chris Astuccio


As a web designer and developer, I am responsible for many different aspects of the web site process. It begins with an understanding of the goals of the website owner, then developing a winning strategy with long term goals in mind, by creating the basic structure focusing on researched keywords from the beginning, and continuing throughout the entire process.


I use adobe cs4 products, for all my unique design, custom logo, original flash and any video editing.


I take the website owners Idea and create a custom content management system, which incorporate blogs, custom e commerce, scheduling calendars, customer feedback, I integrate open source apps for things like forums, customer relations software(crs) etc...


I do not use open source apps for blogs, ecommerce, etc.. that is all custom built by me


I can take your existing website that you try so hard to make work, and I make it work for you, by driving quality clientèle building traffic directly to your site. I offer far more then the average web site designer, I have an understanding of every single aspect of web design including hosting, creating right web sites, optimizing them for search engines, and monitoring and analyzing your traffic statistics in order to adjust SEO and focus of the best traffic.


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