Complete Online Marketing Solutions

As your SEO/SEM Consultant my goal is to identify areas that need improvement in both your on page SEO, and off page inbound marketing efforts.

What I do

First I analyze your website, gaining an understanding of why it is currently not successful.

Then I begin researching keywords that will help drive in the most relevant traffic to convert clicks into customers.

I analyze your Online marketing efforts such as Pay Per click(PPC), Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

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You will receive a detailed report with recommended keywords to target, recommended changes to website structure, content, and any findings that can shed light on the problems. You will receive recommendations on using your online marketing more effectively.

Once you have this vital information in hand, you can then hand it off to your web developer, or marketing department to implement. If you do not have a web developer of marketing department then I can take the information and implement it myself.

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