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Marketing On Page owner Chris Astuccio is a one man website marketing specialist, who happens to also enjoy building incredible custom html5 websites. Here to help small businesses

Do you face the problems of 80% of small business website owners?

  • No organic traffic
  • No contacts through website
  • Pay Per Click isn't working

I am here to resolve these issues, they are not insurmountable feats that need to be overcome. Most of the time it is poor webdesign or poor website structure that is causing the problems, other times it is lack of understanding. How is every small business owner suppose to understand every aspect of marketing, and web sites, which can include design, development, onpage optimization, offpage optimization, inbound marketing, email marketing, content marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing. As you can see it is nearly impossible for a small business owner to do it all themselves while maintaining their own expertise, without proper training.

I am based near Boston Massachusetts and you can call me directly 781-451-8154 or fill out this simple contact form.

I offer complete SEO-SEM, Email Marketing, Web Design and Hosting solutions. My SEO-SEM services come with true measurable results. Not only will your organic traffic increase but so will your bottom line. Whether your selling items online, setting up appointments, or  building a brand, I drive in relevant client building traffic.

The real deal.

My search engine optimization process is proven to be effective for any type of business.Through my uniquely developed techniques, I have significantly increased organic traffic and ranking within major search engines, and the amount of unique visitors my clients receive through the major search providers like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, as well as hundreds of other smaller search engines, resulting in new leads and new clients providing return on investment.

Although no company or individual, can ever guarantee the top spot as an organic listing with major search engines. I will do the necessary diligent work of researching the latest actual keywords, and optimizing your site for them. If you are ready for your website to start working for you Contact me today and be found tomorrow.


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